Mumbai Marathon – A Great Experience And Learning
January 15, 2012

As I recover from my yesterday’s run, I just got to thinking on some of the challenges I faced during my run and pen down some of the learnings. My last half marathon I did in 2:24 hrs and this time given slightly more physical readiness I decided to shoot for under two hours run. To make myself more committed to it, I made this known to some friends and colleagues. On the start line very confident of finishing under two, decided to follow Savio the official pacer for 2 hrs. I was going all fine till 14-15 kms and started to feel Pace taking toll on me. Distance between me and Savio kept on increasing to the point that I almost lost him out of my sight after Mahalaxmi Temple turn. More I thought about catching up with him, more I felt that I can’t do it now. I will miss my 2 hours time. I was extremely pressurised and felt pain and thought almost of starting to walk as I will not be able to finish. Then suddenly it struck me why is 2 hrs so important to me.. Why am I quitting… I decided to take timing out of equation and enjoy my run, no matter how much time it takes and maintain a pace comfortable to me. I decided not to see my watch an started chatting with co-runners. I reached Chowpatty where I saw my lovely wife Swati and my angel Aahana, which gave me some more energy. Naresh, who was also there decided to run with me for a km which was very helpful in gaining pace and diverting mind. As I was running, just a km before the finish line, I saw, to my surprise, Savio ahead of me. This made me believe I can do under 2. My dream of under two reappeared and I pushed myself hard and it is that few minutes push that helped me and I did finish under 2!!!

Here are my learnings –

  1. It is always good to have stretched goals. They push you to realise the potential you never knew existed. even if you are not able to reach your goal, you are not the same. (human mind once stretched never gets back to original dimension). Even if I missed under 2, I would have been much better than last time.
  2. Even if you have stretched goals and you are doing your best to achieve, don’t make only the final result as the most important thing. Journey is as important as reaching destination.
  3. Let the worry of final result not impact your performance (as it was happening with me).
  4. If you have true commitment to your dream, help will come to you. Universe will conspire around your wishes. (like Naresh came to give me legs in between)

Finally expected help might not come like I was expecting Gul Panang to give legs in last few kms as had happened last time! 🙂


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