Another Tryst With Destiny
October 16, 2018
In 2002, I joined young Edelweiss at a young age of 25, when it was a young and fledgling organization, its networth was approximately INR 22 crs, PAT was around INR 1 cr and the Nifty was 1180 . Today, I’m 42, and Edelweiss’s net worth has grown to INR 8200 crs & PAT is […]
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Stock market fluctuations: India’s structural story is just beginning to play out; we are still at inflection point: FirstPost Article
August 31, 2018
I am writing this article at a time when the markets are hitting an all-time high every few days. Veterans warn us that in times of excessive optimism one should take a more cautious and thoughtful view. However, for myriad reasons (enunciated below), I feel that the best for the markets is still to come […]
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How your mental biases can stop you from becoming rich: ET Wealth Article
May 14, 2018
As a child, coming from a middle class family, I frequently used to wonder what it took to be rich. It was not until I read Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely and Secrets of Millionaire Mind by T. Harv that I discovered how becoming rich was more about one’s mindset than anything else. We often […]
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Budget 2018: Expect capex push through rural and infra spending : ET Article
January 30, 2018
Over the past couple of years, the significance of the Union Budget has slowly but surely diminished. Paradoxical as it may seem, this is good news. Let me enunciate why it is so. Past governments have made major policy initiatives in the Budget, but this government has been legislating structural reforms all year round. Last […]
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Outlook 2018: Year of Micro Improvements & Macro Risks
January 2, 2018
2017: The year of structural strengthening and buoyant markets Unpredictability is the second nature of markets. 2017 kicked off against the backdrop of sudden uncertainty triggered by demonetisation and Donald Trump’s unexpected victory. No surprise, therefore, that most expected modest returns from equities globally. Yet, what we ended up with is significantly divergent. It’s a […]
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India’s Rating Upgrade: Strong endorsement of structural reforms : ET Article
November 21, 2017
Good governance is the art of finding a balance between what is popular and what is progressive. In the past few months, we have seen a lot of hue and cry surrounding the triple tsunami of demonetisation, GST and RERA, leading to an apparent stagnation of growth rates, stifling of trade and commerce, and an […]
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IPO investors are willing to pay a premium for quality: Mint Interview
October 6, 2017
This year, most of the IPO (initial public offering) as well as QIP (qualified institutional placement) activity has been dominated by the financial services industry. What is driving this activity? Do you expect the trend to continue? Whenever economic activity picks up, banking always ends up being the largest raiser of capital for the simple […]
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Dependence on monsoon may soon be history: ET Article
September 7, 2017
This is probably a paradoxical time to be writing this post, given that we have had two consecutive years of good monsoons; but having said that, the role of the monsoons in Indian agriculture cannot be undermined. Everyone in the country turns towards the rain-gods every year with lots of hope and prayers. The reason […]
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There is no other market with the RoE profile of India: LiveMint Interview excerpts on sidelines of the Edelweiss India Conference 2017, Singapore
September 1, 2017
What is the investor community in Singapore asking you about India during your summit here? What has changed from last year and the year before? The conviction around the long-term India story remains intact. But investors also have to see their returns on a medium-term basis and have to evaluate their investments on a quarter-on-quarter […]
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GST- Long term gain eclipses short term pain: Business Line Article
July 5, 2017
Albert Einstien once said that, the most difficult thing to understand in the world is taxes. Whereas that is true for all tax regimes; Einstien also said, simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication; and it is with this view to simplify the existing indirect taxation structure, to bring in greater transparency, and to reduce […]